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"How did you hear about us"?

“How did you hear about us”? Since the birth of advertising, business owners/marketers have been struggling to determine what platform in their advertising campaign is generating revenue. The goal is to advertise with the platform that’s generating the greatest number of sales. Though it’s the simplest solution, the challenge is how to obtain customer feedback on all platforms of your campaign? Even in this age of ‘dashboards measuring hits to a website’, ‘attribution reports displaying impressions delivered’, etc.; most retailers/marketers rely on the old reliable: “How did you hear about us”? In 90% of the cases, the consumers’ response will be the media platform that they were exposed to last before their purchase; never giving credit to the multiple platforms that were included in your campaign. I believe there’s a missed opportunity in not sharing the multiple ad platforms that are in your campaign with the consumer! After a recent furniture purchase, I received a survey asking “how did you hear about us”? The client listed multiple platforms that were included in their campaign: radio station call letters, broadcast stations, cable networks, billboards, newspaper, other, social media, friends, etc. I felt comfortable in selecting multiple platforms in which I saw their ad message. By giving the consumer multiple choices, you’ll receive more robust feedback as to how your entire campaign is working. There is no guaranteed method in measuring a campaign’s success. One could look to John Wanamaker. Mr. Wanamaker, once owned 16 department stores, was successful in the use of advertising and was one of the first major merchandisers to employ advertising agencies. His famous quote was: "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half." Advertising works and all media platforms have value! Don't go it alone. If you need help with your advertising campaign, reach out to Simonetti Media Consulting. With over 40 years’ experience in the local Connecticut market, Simonetti Media Consulting is your partner in bridging the gap between your ad campaign and sales revenue. We can work side by side with your current marketing team or independently. View the services we offer at If interested, let’s have a conversation. Contact us at or call Jim Simonetti @ 860-268-6379.

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