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Are employees acknowledged in consumer surveys? If not, read on..........

Customer Surveys: Seems like after every time we pay for a service, we’re asked to comment on the service provided and the staff that delivered it to us. How many times have you wanted to acknowledge that special staff member who went out of their way to assist you? Usually the survey comes days after your visit and you can’t remember the staff member, so you delete the survey and don’t provide valuable feedback to the company. At a recent medical visit, I was handed this card with the staff members who were going to work with me. If I was satisfied with their service, I can mention them by name when I receive the survey. Since it was a positive experience, I look forward to sharing my thoughts and staff member’s names. Question for you: what’s your % of returned surveys with staff member’s names on them? If you have an extremely low return, use the example that I provided in this blog. Your staff members will appreciate the extra effort that you put forth in order to acknowledge those that go above and beyond. Need help with your advertising campaign? With over 40 years’ experience in the local Connecticut market, Simonetti Media Consulting is your partner in bridging the gap between your ad campaign and sales revenue. We can work side by side with your current marketing team or independently. View the services we offer at If interested, let’s have a conversation. Contact us at or call Jim Simonetti @ 860-268-6379.

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